PERL® is a NEW way to dispense vaginal medications.

The elegant Topi-CLICK Perl® (Precise Easy Reliable Loading) Vaginal Dosing Device is a vaginal dosing method that is precise and designed for comfort. The device provides a patient-friendly, accurate and consistent dosing of vaginal cream and gel medications. The proprietary snap-on dosing system allows patients to simply connect the applicator to the device and “click” out their prescribed dose of medication.

The vaginal applicator has a comfortable and flexible barrel made of a clear, medical grade soft-polymer. The device is made of FDA grade materials, UV blocking and free of BPA, BCB, Phthalates, PVC, and latex.

Topi-CLICK Perl® Vaginal Device is the most accurate vaginal dosing method among those compared in an independent study titled Single-Blinded Feminine Dosing Study by Analytical Research Laboratories. Request the study at


How to use your Topi-CLICK Perl® Vaginal Dosing Device

A. Attach the Snap-On Applicator

1. Flip open the shell cap.
Snap on the applicator to the receptor port of the dispenser.

B. Load Medication into the Snap-On Applicator

1. Simply turn to CLICK the base of the device to load the metered dose into the applicator.
Keep the device vertical when loading the applicator.
Do not push down on plunger.

Each CLICK dispenses 0.25 mL of medication accurately and does not require fill lines on the applicator.

1 CLICK   = 0.25 mL
2 CLICKs = 0.50 mL

3 CLICKs = 0.75 mL

4 CLICKs =      1 mL

C. Remove the Applicator

1. Slowly tilt off the applicator until the applicator releases from the receptor port. Do not pull or snap off.
Use vaginal applicator as prescribed by your healthcare practitioner.

D. Close the Cap

1. Flip down shell cap tightly after each dose to prevent evaporation.

The applicator is dishwasher safe, but use caution to avoid residual medicine transfer when cleaning.


Empty Topi-CLICK Perl® Vaginal dispensers are recyclable. The recycling code is #5 .

Visit for more information on recycling Topi-CLICK®. 

Prior to recycling make sure to destroy personal information on the prescription label. Tear off and shred the entire label containing personal information. Black permanent marker can be used to hide personal information.