Innovative Skin Care Without a Prescription!

Our pharmacy team is always trying something new to see if it would be of benefit to our patients. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the use of masks, hand sanitizer, hand washing and gloves in our everyday lives. This can be hard on the skin. Pharmacy team members and patients alike are dealing with dry, irritated skin, as well as the dreaded “MASKne,” or mask acne, a new term describing acne and physical trauma to the skin caused by the combination of oil, sweat, heat, bacteria and friction. In our quest to address some of these issues we came across Skin Repair Dermatological Moisturizing Lotion. Skin Repair is a fantastic moisturizer that has been used to repair clinically dry, damaged skin using innovative natural ingredients.


The pharmacy team has personally used Skin Repair for a number of issues that we have experienced over the last year and have had a number of positive responses. My family has used Skin Repair to help prevent peeling after sun exposure and sunburn, to calm down our children’s itchy and irritated skin after outdoor play and to help soothe rough feet after a day at the beach. Additionally, team members report using Skin Repair to help with cracked heels, sore and irritated hands after a day of wearing gloves in the lab, moisturizing the face after gentle cleansing as a preventative regimen against “MASKne” and even using it for facial recovery after cosmetic procedures. Diabetic skin, eczema, psoriasis, orthopedic, oncology and dialysis patients have used Skin Repair to address many of the skin challenges they face, including itchiness, redness, cracking, peeling, and scaling.

All these positive responses from a lotion that is available without a prescription!


 Skin Repair Dermatological Moisturizing Lotion is a fast absorbing, non-greasy, hypoallergenic formula that provides hydration to very dry, flaky or clinically damaged skin. Skin Repair was developed by a team of doctors, dermatologists and cosmetic chemists to moisturize, repair and protect the skin. Skin Repair delivers soothing and hydrating ingredients that promotes cell renewal and restores the skin’s pH balance. The lotion is non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores) and free of parabens, dyes, drying alcohols and is available fragrance-free for those with sensitive skin.

Skin Repair contains several natural hydrating ingredients – kalaya (Emu) oil, shea butter, Aloe vera and glycerin (vegetable derived), as well as antioxidant vitamins A, E and C.  Kalaya oil is able to deeply penetrate the layers of the skin and repair skin cell damage.  Kalaya oil and shea butter help to increase circulation while nourishing the skin. The vitamin E found in shea butter increases microcirculation, which results in increased blood supply to and from the skin. Kalaya oil boosts the transfer of oxygen to the skin, which enables blood to flow more easily and helps repair and rehydrate the skin. Kalaya oil is made up of essential fatty acids, such as omega-3’s and, along with Aloe vera, can help reduce inflammation.

Personalized Skin Care

When it comes to dermatology patients, there are many health concerns that are as unique as each patient’s skin, and a standardized, one-size-fits-all approach may not adequately address these specific needs. A compounding pharmacy has the ability to customize medication therapy to meet a wide variety of demands. While pharmacists do not prescribe medications, they can educate patients and collaborate with providers to recommend therapies and specific dosage forms that can optimize patient compliance and outcomes.

Formulations that can take advantage of the benefits of Skin Repair Dermatological Moisturizing Lotion and provide additional targeted therapy include, but are not limited to:

  • Zinc Pyrithione in Skin Repair Lotion
  • Naltrexone in Skin Repair Lotion
  • Clobetasol in Skin Repair Lotion
  • Lidocaine in Skin Repair Lotion
  • Ketotifen in Skin Repair Lotion

Innovation in Topical Dermatology Micro-Dosing

Medications applied to the face often times only need to be put on as a thin, uniform layer to targeted areas. Micro-dosing allows patients to easily apply medication to desired areas without impacting healthy skin while avoiding creating a mess or contaminating the medication jar.

The Topi-CLICK Micro® device is a revolutionary way to provide accurate, targeted micro-dosing. The device provides a patient-friendly, pen-shaped device pre-loaded with medication that allows patients to simply “click” out their prescribed dose of medication. Patients can choose from 3 applicator styles (rounded, soft angled or pin-point applicator tips) for customized application to the skin. Compared to traditional dosing methods, like jars and ointment tubes, the Topi-CLICK Micro® device provides patients with a uniquely enhanced experience.

The pen-like device has a triangular shaped barrel that allows for a secure grip and precision handling during application. Each “click” dispenses 0.05ml of topical medication for a consistent dosing throughout treatment and results in significantly less residual medication waste. Little to no mess is generated and the risk of hand transference to other people or surfaces is reduced. To prevent exposure to humidity and air, and the tip of the applicator is sealed by a screw-on cap. The device protects the stability of custom formulated medication with UV-blocking, plastic free of BPA, latex, phthalates, and PVC.

Commonly requested formulations that can be dispensed in the Topi-CLICK Micro® dispensing device include:

  • Clindamycin topical spot therapy
  • Niacinamide topical spot therapy
  • Wart formulations
  • Customized fading creams
  • Anti-aging facial creams

 As personalized medicine pharmacists, our goal is to meet the individual needs and circumstances of patients and physicians. Pharmacists can further enhance medication therapies by including agents that work together for a desired outcome. A delivery base, such as Skin Repair Lotion can be utilized to help moisturize dry, damaged skin while delivering targeted pharmaceutical therapy. Medications can be formulated to be hypo-allergenic and free of undesirable ingredients that patients might be sensitive to. The pharmacist will be more than happy to discuss with you personalized options for skin care and can help determine if it is appropriate to transition your current prescription device to the Topi-CLICK Micro®.

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Originally featured on  FloridaMD 03 Nov, 2020. Image courtesy of @jcomp