Compounding integrates historical methodologies with advanced medical knowledge and cutting-edge technology, allowing skilled professional pharmacists to formulate personalized medications that cater to individual patient needs. This approach to medication creation served as the foundation for pharmaceutical prescriptions before mass drug production became widespread. Presently, the demand for professional compounding is increasing as medical practitioners and patients recognize that standardized drug strengths and dosages may not address everyone’s distinct requirements. For these individuals, a personalized dosage may lead to more favorable outcomes.

Our specialized compounding experts can prepare:

• Tailored dosage forms containing the optimal medication dose for each patient.

• Medications in distinctive forms not available in commercial markets, such as transdermal gels, troches, “chewies,” and lollipops.

• Medications without excipients like gluten, dyes, sugar, lactose, or alcohol that could induce adverse reactions.

• Combinations of compatible drugs in a single dosage form for simplified administration and improved patient adherence.

• Medications that are not commercially available, have been discontinued, or are currently in short supply.

The efficacy of any compounded formulation directly correlates with its preparation, emphasizing the importance of selecting your compounding pharmacy wisely. Ongoing professional education and training for compounding pharmacists and technicians, advanced equipment, and high-quality chemicals are also essential for the quality of the preparation. Experience and creativity are crucial factors. When adjusting a formula or creating a unique preparation, the compounding pharmacist must consider the physical and chemical properties of the active ingredient and excipients, including their solubility, tonicity, viscosity, and the most suitable dosage form or device for delivering the medication. It’s vital to have Standard Operating Procedures in place and conduct appropriate potency tests.

Our compounding professionals can craft personalized medications in various forms, such as sublingual drops, oral and nasal sprays, lollipops, rectal solutions, suppositories, and other customized dosage forms. Feel free to contact us to discuss your medication needs and concerns.