Orders will be shipped via Fed Ex or UPS with tracking numbers available.  Orders are typically shipped within 24-72 hours from processing the order.  Standard shipping is via Fed Ex or UPS ground.  Overnight shipping is available through Fed Ex for an additional fee. If an item requires refrigeration or is heat sensitive, it will be shipped on ice at an additional charge, otherwise it will ship in a regular shipping box. Orders may be shipped to your home or office.


If you have questions about your order, please contact us (800) 224-7711 .  We have only 7 days from the shipping date to open an investigation claim with the shipper. 


If a package or drug looks damaged or opened, or if you suspect your order is lost, please contact us immediately (800) 224-7711 .  We only have 7 days from the shipping date to open an investigation claim with the shipper.


If an item is damaged and needs to be returned, please contact us immediately.  We can send you a replacement refill if refillable, or call your prescriber for authorization, and start the investigation with the shipper if necessary.  We will include a paid envelope with your refill for you to return the item.  Once we receive the item back, your account will get refunded for the purchase price of the first charge.


Desiccants - If the vial of medication contains a desiccant, please leave the desiccant in the vial to prevent moisture from affecting the medication.

Protect from light-light may subject the medication to loss of strength or potency.  These medications will be packaged and should remain in a light-resistant packaging.

Do not freeze - The container label will bear an instruction to protect the medication from freezing in cases where freezing exposes the medication to loss of strength or potency or destructive alteration of its characteristics. This could also include those items that may have a risk of the container breaking if exposed to freezing temperatures.

Room temperature medications (heat stable) - Should be stored at 68 F - 77 F. During shipping, excursions are permitted for medications during the shipping process.

Room temperature medications (not heat stable) - (vaginal tablets, most suppositories, troches, mini troches, and combustibles such as cantharidin) should be stored below 80F and will be shipped on ice to control the temperature during the shipping process. Upon arrival packages may be warm to the touch. Remove medication from package and place in refrigerator immediately. 

Refrigerated Medications - (some oral liquids, most nasal sprays such as oxytocin and synapsin, squaric acid, bleaching creams, etc.) should be stored in a refrigerator with a controlled temperature between 36 and 46F.  These items will be shipped on ice to control the temperature during the shipping process.

Transient excursions are permitted during the shipping process.  We have done temperature sensor tracking to make sure your medication will stay within an acceptable temperature range during the shipping process.  If you have any questions about your medication’s storage or shipping requirements, please do not hesitate to call us.