The Most Important Member of Your Team Might Not Be On Your Payroll

You have worked hard to build your practice and we are here to help you meet the needs of your patients who are interested in customized HRT and saliva testing. These patients have many questions that they would like to have answered. Truthfully, they require more time than you can give them, especially if you are under insurance time constraints. Pharmacy Specialists will provide a clinical pharmacist or nurse to work with your practice in a collaborative manner to meet the needs of your patient population in the area of hormone therapies and saliva testing.

To refer a patient to us for a clinical consultation, write “Pharmacy Consultation” on your Rx pad and provide us with a diagnosis plus diagnosis code along with your UPIN number. This information will be helpful if the patient needs to submit a claim for insurance reimbursement. After a patient consultation we will make the appropriate testing recommendations. We cannot interpret tests or intervene with therapies.  Following the patient clinically and therapeutically is your area of responsibility and control, however, we can offer our observations and recommendations for your approval, denial or change. You are in control. In this way you can have a clinical pharmacist or nurse on your team but not your payroll.

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